About Us

About Us

EColoRO Watertreatment Solutions initiates innovative (waste) water purification solution. The main focus is to reuse the waste water stream to decrease the operational costs and decrease the environmental pollution.

No chemical - Low Energy

We focus on reuse of waste water streams with minimised chemicals used and low energy usage.

Localised Solutions

Engineering is done in the Netherlands, but production and assembly can take place anywere in the world: We use the local fascilities and capabilities.

Turn-key, Integration or Consultancy

EColoRO can deliver full turn-key, but also als system intergrator, knowledge supplier or consultant anywhere in the world. As main contractor or as support organisation.

Development of innovation

EColoRO Water Solutions develops also new treatment processes, general or industry specific. The main goal is to develop and use processen and technologies which fits the following criteria:

  • Reuse of waste water
  • Minimum usage of chemicals
  • Low energy usage
  • Small footprint
  • Localised implementaion and support
  • Low operational costs
  • Low maintenace costs
  • Low investment costs
  • Sustainable production


Daily management is executed by Eric (H.J.) van Sonsbeek, founder and shareholder and Marc (M.G.) Feyaerts, shareholder. Besides the management, the team has been supplemented with some Process, Automation & Electrical Engineers, an officemanager and an area manager.

Eric van Sonsbeek (* 1965) is one of the founders of EColoRO and Director Projects & Finance. Van Sonsbeek has extensive experience in the treatment of industrial / municipal waste water and in drinking water production, in the capacity of both technologist and project manager. Van Sonsbeek has water treatment methods both in the knowledge of membrane processes and in physico-chemical and biological waste. During his career, Van Sonsbeek has often been involved in the successful marketing of new not yet well developed purification technologies.

Marc Feyaerts (*1967) is Director Process, Sales & Technology. He graduated as Bio-Engineer (University of Leuven, 1990). At the time of becoming shareholder and director of EcoloRO in 2016, he had already a career of more than 20 years, mainly at companies that are active in the engineering and construction of installations for water treatment, waste water treatment and recycling. Feyaerts built up his experience as a researcher at KU Leuven and later as a process technologist (Seghers Engineering, Keppel Seghers, Enprotech, Hydris Engineering) where he was responsible for setting up feasibility tests on the lab and pilot scale, process design and engineering, start-up, training and delivery, and "trouble shooting" of full scale installations for waste water treatment and recycling. The scope of its activities mainly took place in industrial sectors, such as Food & Beverage, Chemicals, Textiles, Tank Cleaning, Pharmacy. These projects were realized in Belgium but mainly abroad (Europe, North Africa, Asia, Latin America, US). In addition, he was also involved in the larger municipal water treatment projects in China. Other tasks include speaking and organizing seminars and courses i.v. water treatment and purification. Over the years, he has evolved towards the technical-commercial process, with as main focus the preliminary design and preparation of quotations tailored to the customer and supporting sales & marketing activities. At Arcadis he was Senior Consultant "Water for Industry" and he followed the larger clients (Chemistry, Pharmacy, Metal). As an expert, he worked on various studies on feasibility (water reuse, rainwater recuperation, symbiosis between different companies), concepts (choice of best process scheme) and drafting specifications for waste water treatment plants. He keeps a finger on the pulse regarding the topicality of technology development, for example by participating in user groups of different research projects.

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