EColoRO on Aquatech Mexico

However, these rivers are enormously polluted because of this industry and are now even black because of all the discharge the industry throws in the river, without even treating the water.

They should issue fines to these companies, but it’s for the government very difficult to determine which company dumps what in the water. With this new law, the government hopes to be better able to take measures against the industry and to force the companies to search for alternatives and installations for waste water treatment.

The good news was that at the Aquatech Mexico there were also a lot of intermediaries and people of the textile industry to look. The movie about the Horizon 2020 got a lot of attention from the people there.

The problem in Mexico City is currently even more pressing because they have a shortage of water. They even have a shortage on drinking water in Mexico and a lot of people are trying to find new technologies to solve their problem in this huge city and the rest of the country.

EColoRO on Aquatech Mexico (Sept. 2017)

EColoRO has participated on the Aquatech Mexico from 5 till 7 September under the flag of Wateralliance. In Mexico was recently a new law introduced which standardized the allowed amount of draining in the river. In Mexico City itself, the problem was very big. The textile industry in Mexico is currently growing and a large part of the industry is in Puebla, a beautiful old city that is only a few hours from Mexico City. The area has a lot of water and there are a lot of rivers as well.

A lot of industries like metal, food (for example; tequila industry) textile and paper industry, are very aware of the pressing situation. EColoRO has been able to identify several products. There is currently being spoken with two potential, local partners. Without local representation, it will be very difficult to do business in Mexico. Both the companies as intermediaries were enthusiastic that EColoRO does a lot of work local and let the project stay a Mexican project.