Horizon 2020

European Consortium to Demonstrate EColoRO Concept for Wastewater Reuse in the Textile Industry by Horizon 2020


New EColoRO concept slashes both water consumption and costs using environmentally responsible technologies’.

Textile mills can reduce their water consumption by up to 90 percent using the EColoRO concept, which consists of electrocoagulation followed by membrane filtration, to treat their wastewater and then recycle it.

In June 2015 a European consortium led by the Dutch company EColoRO BV in Leeuwarden and the Institute for Sustainable Process Technology (ISPT) in Amersfoort, the Netherlands commenced a 3,5-year project with a budget of 4.5 Million Euro to demonstrate the new technology on site and on a full industrial scale, first at a textile mill of UTEXTBEL in Belgium and later at a textile mill in Italy.

Check the White Paper or take a look at www.ecwrti.eu

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