Water innovator of the Year 2016!

Nominated as Water Innovator of the Year 2016

EColoRO and her technical concept were nominated as Water Innovator of the Year 2016 in the Netherlands. The base of the EColoRO-concept is electro coagulation. This makes it possible to remove 93 to 96 % of the pigments / dyes from the waste water. Thereafter, the water can be filtered with the aid of membranes (ultrafiltration and / or reverse osmosis). The result is approximately 10% loss by evaporation and remaining water in concentrated streams.

Until February 18the the public could vote online for the electro coagulation concept of EColoRO. On the congress we had to pitch and collect votes from the visitors and a jury with experts. In spite of all the public votes (we ended pole position by more than 50% of the public votes), we have to congratulate Pentair as winner of Water Innovator of the Year 2016!

Nevertheless, we are very proud to be nominated. It supports us to be on the right way. It means that EColoRO, just 1 year after her start, has drawn attention in the world of (re-use waste) water and sustainability.